How to Begin – Our Pre-Design Services

At dion seminara architecture we have perfected a process of thorough services which can guide you, stage by stage, through either a renovation project or the design of a custom new home. We have various stages to our processes and allow you to choose the exact suite of services that suit your needs, experience and budget.

You will begin your project with one of our Pre-Design Services, either a

  • Pre-Purchase Design Advice– which is perfect when you are considering the acquisition of a house or block of land and want to ensure the choice is going to suit your exact needs, or
  • Your Design Options Advice service which covers your current lifestyle requirements and immediate objectives, or
  • Your Lifestyle Design Options Advice service – more suitable for longer term planning as we investigate specific design solutions to cater for current and future lifestyle choices.

Pre-Design Service Benefits

  • These services are designed to help you understand what you wish to achieve with your project.
  • They will assist you in formulating a realistic budget.
  • You will receive innovative design concepts and ideas, verbally presented by your architect.
  • You will have a clear understanding of how to move forward with your project.
  • You will receive advice for building design, interior design and landscape design (as required).
  • You can easily move onto our other Design Services from this stage.

All of our advice services are paid services and are conducted within your home or on your block of land (or at your proposed home or block of land). During these services, you will receive professional, qualified guidance – where you will benefit from over thirty years of experience in residential design, construction and planning.

Immediately upon completion of these services should you move onto the next stage in our process then you will not have to pay the cost of your pre-design service. Our three package options are:

  • Design Approval Ready
  • Design Construction Ready and
  • Design Build Ready.

Please head to our Design Process Page for further information on what these packages include to decide which one best suits your requirements.

Which service is right for you?

  • Our pre-design services consider your lifestyle requirements and preliminary budget.
  • We also include some design concept options (orally presented) to give you an indication of what your options are and the solutions we envisage will support both your lifestyle and budgetary concerns.
  • Our Design Options Advice service will take approximately two hours and focuses specifically on your immediate requirements.
  • Our Lifestyle Design Options Advice service runs for an additional hour (up to three hours).  The extra consultation time allows us to give greater consideration to your longer term lifestyle needs. Giving adequate consideration into how to accommodate lifestyle changes into your design specifically when you plan to live in the home for more than seven years.

The table below outlines the process and what you will receive from your chosen service. Start your journey with us today, connect with us so we can help you begin your renovation or custom new home design.



Lifestyle Design Options Advice Design Options Advice
Up to 2 hours Design Options Advice (orally presented) check
Up to 3 hours Lifestyle Design Options Advice (orally presented) check
Current Lifestyle Requirements: Looking at your preferred lifestyle, your hobbies, interests and favourite pastimes. We consider how worthwhile your proposed renovations are with regard to maximising your lifestyle and the overall liveability of your home. check check
Future Lifestyle Requirements: Are you thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you have school age children that will soon grow into teenagers? Or maybe you are approaching your retirement years? As part of this assessment, we will look at likely changes in the future and how to best manage these within the context of your design. check
Design Solutions: Based on your long term lifestyle needs we look at design solutions that will ensure your home offers you the highest levels of comfort and overall liveability now and into the future. check
Specific Design Option Solutions: Based on your specific and immediate requirements, we look at design options that will resolve your current needs. check check
Budget Assessments: It is important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have allocated. As part of your Lifestyle Design Options Advice, we will look at your proposed project and give you some initial thoughts on how far your budget will stretch. check check
Capitalisation: Will your project leave your property over or under capitalised? We are not financial advisors and recommend that you get professional, independent financial advice about this question. However, feel free to ask us during your assessment if you would like our opinion on any potential capitalisation issues in relation to your project. check
Honest Feedback: Years of experience has taught us that the thing that our clients value most is honest feedback. We will challenge you if we don’t believe that a proposed change you are considering will be of benefit to you. You can rest assured that we will provide real direction to ensure that your project provides you with the maximum benefits in the long run. check check


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