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Thinking about Retirement? Time to Renovate

Ah retirement – that time when at last you get to put your feet up and relax. After years of working hard you get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But before you do tell me, how are those ‘fruits’ looking at the moment? Plump, ripe and ready to be picked? Or are they looking slightly shriveled and a little underdone given the state of the world’s economy?

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Eco Housing Architecture

Eco-Housing Doesn’t Have To Mean Compromise

It’s a common misconception that environmentally friendly means going without some of life’s comforts. In fact it’s possible to have an eco-friendly home and all the advantages that come with that – such as dramatically lower power bills for starters – without needing to compromise on comfort or lifestyle.

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Downplaying Your Budget Will Cost You Money

I am constantly surprised at how many people don’t want to tell me their exact budget when first meet them. Many people will beat around the bush and give a rough budget range, whilst others will understate their true budget by a significant amount.

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Enough Is Enough

There seems to be a growing number of drafts people, who are ripping people off by under estimating construction costs and then selling them poorly thought out designs that do not meet their lifestyle needs.

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The Time To Invest In Your Property Is Now

Currently there is a chronic undersupply of new housing in the Southeast corner. The rental market is more competitive than ever. Yet more and more people are moving to Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. High migration coupled with the government’s attempts to restrict urban sprawl, will only lead to the housing crisis getting worse.

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Renovate Or Knock It Down And Start Again?

So it’s time for a change. You want to improve the overall liveability of your home, but you’re torn between whether to renovate or demolish your existing home and build a new one.

Before making any decision there are a number of factors that you should consider

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Saving Power the Old Fashion Way

Still today I hear people talking about ‘the good old days’. Older generations often rattle off how things were better when they were young as they conveniently ignore the benefits that mankind now enjoys from advances in medicine and science. But there is one area where they just might have a point, and that is in the area of home design.

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