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Award Winning Flood Proof House Design Architects

dion seminara architecture won the prestigious LJ Hooker Grantham Flood Proof House Design. Thus if you are looking for a flood-resistant house design, we have the expertise, knowledge and design skills to create for you an exceptional yet very effective flood free home.

The major flood event such as the January 2011 Brisbane flood made sure we all know about the devastating effects that rising flood water cause. If you are thinking of building in a flood zone, we are confident that you are seeking a flood-resistant house or possibly you are looking to renovate to flood proof your home. Either way, we at dion seminara architecture would love to be of assistance and can assure you that our flood proof house designs are not only that ‘flood proof’ but are also tailored to your needs and will be a wonderful home for you to enjoy.

Flood Proof Home Designs for New Homesflood proof house design

If you are seeking to build a new flood proof house, this allows us to start with a clean slate and design not only to prevent damage in the event of a severe flood but also to design to take advantage of your flood zone landholding. A truly successful architecturally designed home encapsulates any views, provides privacy, has living rooms orientated to the direction of the best possible aspect (usually north to north-east) as well as to the prevailing breezes. Just because you are seeking a flood proof home, there is no reason why your architecturally designed home should not include all the advantages that a truly well-designed home can provide you.

Every flood proof house that we have designed is different depending on the needs and lifestyle of its owners and the advantages and disadvantages that the residential block provides. One thing that is constant however is that your flood-resistant design created by dion seminara architecture will ensure that should another disastrous flood occur, your home will be best equipped to withstand this event.

Depending on the site and the clients needs a flood proof home designed by dion seminara architecture is usually raised on poles and maybe two to three stories. The first and second story will be designed above the flood level, and your living and sleeping zones would be incorporated in this area. The ground or basement area would be designated parking and also a multi-purpose room or rooms. The ground and/or basement levels would be designed to be ‘wet areas’ and will be built with materials that can withstand water inundation. Thus should they flood they can be hosed out and cleaned with ease.

Ideally, if your block allows, your new home should be located in an area that is above the flood zone line. This is often not possible, but if there are any variations on the steepness of the block, we would advise as to the optimal placement of your new home and rooms within your new home.

Flood Proof  Your Existing Home and/or Flood Proof Renovations

It may be that your current home can be raised above the flood line and then the ground floor area made flood resistant. This is done as described above so that should Brisbane once again flood the cleanup of your lower level will be much easier if designed with inundation in mind and built with durable materials.

Homes that cannot be raised above flood zone heights often require some creative design. It may be that the home is extended out of the flood zone area and the existing home redesigned and remodelled such that if inundated the damage is far less severe than would otherwise have been. There are design options and certain construction materials that can be used to help flood proof your home. Please do call us so we can discuss with you the particular challenges your home, located within a flood area, presents and we will then be able to provide our best advice.

Creating a Safe Area

One option is to create a safe zone within your home when you are limited in options and/or the cost of full flood proofing is very high. In this instance, you could select one area or one room to be made flood resistant, or possibly a small second story area could be added to your home.

Your Own Levee

A fairly drastic measure if you cannot move or raise your home is to build a structural wall on all sides of your landholding to provide an effective levee for your home in the event of floods. The reason why this is considered a relatively drastic measure is that it is very costly. The levee walls will need to be structurally designed to allow them to withstand holding back a massive weight of water. For such a design a structural engineer would need to be engaged.

Building your levee also requires waterproofing the new structural wall, followed by rendering. Furthermore, you will need to have extremely strong gates, and they need to be made as watertight as possible. More than likely you would need a steel frame with a sturdy lining such as metal. In the event of a flood, the gaps at these entrance ways to your property could then be helped by the addition of sandbagging.

Flood Proof House Designs or Flood Resistant House Zones

As stated previously, Dion Seminara from dion seminara architecture won the LJ Hooker Grantham Flood Home Design Competition by creating a home design unique in its approach to dealing with flood waters. This flood proof home design is designed to survive being inundated with flood waters. The layout and choice of materials make cleaning up after a flooding event a breeze and avoids the need for expensive reconstruction. There are many aspects of this award-winning design that may apply to your new home or your existing home. Contact us to discuss the challenges your flood zone house block presents and allow us to use our architectural design expertise and knowledge to ensure the best possible flood resistant home for you.


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