C.1 – Concept To Keys – Full Design Service

Why choose our Full Design Service Package? Some people have a design created and then part ways with their architect instead relying on their builder to do the right thing. This often results in substandard workmanship, the use of poor quality materials as well as delays and budget blowouts and very often, poorly executed

Our Full Design Service eliminates many of these problems. Through our Full Design Service your design is developed and refined down to the finest detail, leaving no guesswork for the builder and no potential for shortcuts.

Here’s what you get:

• will conduct the design advice service and measured drawings (if a renovation)
• will provide the Schematic design service
• will provide the Design Development/the pre-building application phase
• will draft up the BA set
• will prepare a full set of construction drawings with optional interior and landscape design
• arrange multiple quotes from approved builders through our proven tendering process helping to ensure you receive the best price
• help you assess each tender
• negotiate the best deal on your behalf

Building Contract Management includes:

• prepare a contract that protects your interests
• arrange for contracts to be signed and executed by all parties
• conduct onsite inspections to ensure construction work is up to standard
• ensure that only quality materials are being used
• ensure that timeframes and deadlines are being kept
• issue a Notice to Rectify if any defects are found
• assess and verify milestone claims
• advise on release of milestone payments
• conduct final inspections 3, 6 or 12 months after the Practical Completion date
• ensure any warranty work is carried out within the warranty period

Our Full Design Service offers complete peace of mind knowing that your interests are being looked after by qualified professionals.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller package try our A.1 Concept To Plans partial design services or our B.1 Concept To Plans partial design services.


There are three very different pre-design consultation services for you to choose from depending on the type of project you’re undertaking.

• Design Options Advice
• Lifestyle Design Options Assessment
• Pre-Purchase Design Options Advice

This selection of services covers advice prior to you purchasing a property as well as advice services depending on whether you intend living in your home for the short or long term. Advice on initial design ideas and concepts is presented verbally and will not only explore the best options to achieve your goals but will also help you in putting together a realistic budget.

Measured Drawings

Please note that if you’re renovating Detailed Measured Drawings will need to be prepared by dion seminara architecture. Deliverables include: site plan floor plan(s), elevations, (1) section, and electrical plan. All drawings will be provided in hardcopy format.


Following on from your Architect’s Advice & Assessment we now create the design for your project. This design will reflect what was agreed upon during your advice service and may include:

• A detailed written summary of your requirements
• Concept floor plan, section or elevation
• Project report and opinion of cost
• Optional external works design
• Conceptual building design, interior design & landscape design (as required)


You now get to review our schematic design. Any design revisions will now be made. In addition to this, this stage includes:

• Development of your design by us covering off on concept design including interior design and landscape design, at 1:100 scale
• Material selection and review
• including preliminary interior design & landscape external work design
• Section drawings (for sloping sites)
• High quality 3D visuals to show you the full picture both interior and exterior
• Optional services including Interior & landscape
• Selections and scheduling are also available at this stage.


Stage four involves the creation of development
approval drawings if your project requires town planning approval and building approval drawings to obtain building approval.
This stage includes:

• Site plan
• Floor plans
• 1:100 sections as needed
• 1:100 elevations as needed
• Window and door schedule


These are the detailed drawings and written specification document that your builders will be using during construction of your project. They inform the builder how to construct the project to the desired quality. They also form part of the contract with the builder. Construction documentation includes:

• Additional notations on:
– plan
– Floor plans
– 1:100 sections as needed
– 1:100 elevations as needed
– Window and door schedule
• External works plan (for large projects only)
• Floor finishes layout (for large projects only)
• Roof plan
• Reflected ceiling plan
• Detail 1:20 wall sections and particular non-standard details
• Project Mini or Full Specification depending on the scale of your project
• Optional Interior and Landscape design documents are also available at this stage


Once your designs are complete the next step in the process if you select a builder and get your project built. Stage 6 is divided into 2 key steps which are:

1. Tendering & contract negotiation
2. Optional Building contract management

Tendering & Contract Negotiation

As part of this service we can:
• arrange for tenders from suitably qualified builders
• negotiate with builders on your behalf to get the best terms and pricing
• help you assess each tender and award the project to the winning builder
• prepare a contract on your behalf
• arrange for signing and execution of contracts by all parties


Building Contract Management

This is where we act on your behalf to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. As part of this service we:
• visit the construction site periodically to ensure
correct material selection, design integrity and quality of work
• report back to you regarding progress and standard of work
• answer any questions or address any concerns the you, the builder or any specialist consultants or assess construction progress and issue progress certificates
• release progress payments upon satisfactory completion of stages
• Liaise with the builder on your behalf on such things as variations, delays, material unavailability, etc.
• assess and report back to you regarding any requests by the builder for variations or time extensions
• make any required adjustments to monetary sums such as prime costs and provisional sums
• notify all parties regarding any defective or incomplete work
• assess practical completion and issue notice of practical completion
• carry out defect inspections

7 | Optional Services

Interior Design Construction Drawings and Schedules

This is an optional service which we offer to ensure all parts of your home blend seamlessly together. With our qualified and experienced Interior Designer we can provide you with a complete Interior Design package or we can focus on specific spaces within your home. Some of the areas to consider include:

• Consideration of storage needs
• Kitchen design
• Bathroom design
• Ensuites
• Laundries, media rooms, entertainment units, studies, wardrobes, cellars
• Lighting scheme
• Electrical layout and fittings
• Colour scheme

External Works / Landscape Design Construction Drawings

Of course it’s not only the home that needs to be considered. Our External Works Design looks at all areas within the boundary of the property including:

• Garden areas
• BBQ/Entertainment areas
• Pools
• Fencing/screening
• Garden edging
• Sheds
• Water storage units
• Solar collection units
• Water features
• Driveways
• Gates

Garden Design

Our landscaping and garden design expert can advise you on designs to complement your home and give your project a feeling of completion.


As you can see our Full Design Service covers everything you could possibly need to make your project a raging success. Our services can be tailored to suit your needs and your budget and are designed to remove the stress of building and give you complete peace of mind.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller package try our A.1 Concept To Plans partial design services or our B.1 Concept To Plans partial design services.

So why not contact us today and let us help you with your architectural and building needs.


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