B.1 – Concept To Plans – Partial Design Services

Our partial design services are perfect for small projects or people who have a degree of confidence and expertise in managing builders and the building process. We offer 2 distinct partial design packages to cater for your personal needs. Find out more about our A.1 Concept Only partial design service or our architectural suite of design and construct services  C.1 Concept To Keys.


We offer two very different pre-design consultation services for you to choose from depending on the type of project you’re undertaking.

• Lifestyle Design Advice
• Pre-Purchase Design Advice

These services have been tailored to cover everything from thinking of buying a property, to living in a property short term or long term. A vital first step that allows us to better understand your needs, you will receive verbal design ideas and concepts that will also assist you in formulating a realistic budget. These services include advice for building design, interior design and landscape design (as required). To work out which of our pre-design services is best for you, click here.

NB: This service is delivered orally no drawings are presented in this stage

Measured Drawings

Please note that if you’re renovating the property, detailed Measured Drawings will need to be prepared by dion seminara architecture. Deliverables include a site plan, floor plan(s), elevations, 1 section, and an electrical plan. All drawings will be provided in hardcopy format.


We will now start creating your design based on what was discussed and agreed upon during our Advice service.

Services included in this stage are:
• A detailed written summary of your requirements
• Your Concept floor plan + 1 elevation and/or 1 section
• A Project report and opinion of cost
• Optional external works design
• Conceptual building design, interior design & landscape design (as required).


This is the stage where you now get to review our sketch design. Any design revisions will now be made. In addition, this stage includes:

• Development of your design by us covering off on concept design including interior design and landscape design, at 1:100 scale
• Material selection and review including preliminary interior design & landscape external work design
• Section drawings (for sloping sites)
• High-quality 3D visuals to show you the full picture both interior and exterior
• Optional services including Interior & Landscape
• Selections and scheduling are also available at this stage.


Pre-development application drawings will be required if your project requires town planning approval. You will also require building application drawings to obtain building approval. The detailed drawings and specifications that will be used by your builder will now be drafted.

As part of this stage we will create for you:
• Site plan
• Floor plans
• 1:100 sections as needed
• 1:100 elevations as needed
• Window and door schedule.

Need more professional service input?

At dion seminara architecture we offer a host of solutions that are perfect for any size project. Our C.1 Concept To Keys full architectural suite of services is available for larger or more complex projects. For a smaller package to get your project started, our other partial service option available is the A.1 Concept Only service.

Contact us today and let us help you with your design needs.


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