Commercial Architectural Services

Commercial Architectural Services

Apartments, Townhouses, Office Fitouts & Renovations…

Commercial Architects service clients benefit from our Sketch Design service which is an ideal starting point for any commercial architecture project. View examples in our galleries for apartments, townhouses and resorts, office buildings, fitouts and office interiors and other commercial building projects including architecture for industrial spaces.

Dion Seminara Architecture has specialist experience in commercial architectural design for:

  • apartment buildings
  • renovations to apartment buildings
  • townhouse developments
  • renovations to industrial premises and office premises
  • commercial interiors
  • buildings and interiors for education purposes
  • residential developments for aged care
  • “end user” buildings and fit outs

We are experts at:

  • Listening to your needs and requirements
  • maximising your gross floor area
  • interpreting council planning requirements
  • producing value adding solutions
  • implementing creative yet functional solutions
  • demonstrating the look and feel of your project


Commercial Architecture Services [Adobe PDF]





Dion Seminara Architecture services are available as convenient packages to suit individual requirements.





Architect’s Design + MD Package

[1 – 2a(P1) & (P2)] & 2b
Architect’s Design through to Building Application Drawing Package

[1a/b – 3a]
Architect’s Design, Building Application + Construction Drawing Package

[1a/b – 3e] (optional 3f)
Full Architectural Service Package – Design Through to Built Building Handover

[1a/b – 4b]

1a | Verbal Advice Consultation

Exploring options, ideas and building costs

If you are unsure of where to start, our verbal advice consultation will help you interactively explore and understand the opportunities and challenges of your building or land (also most useful prior to purchase).We will honestly present you with the facts as to whether your expectations are realistic & economically viable. We will consider your building budget and provide advice on the real building costs. We will advise you on the choice of renovation versus demolition & rebuild (or perhaps even separate rebuild) for your particular situation, and give you an understanding of hidden issues. Fees for this service represent very good value for money.This service will essentially provide ‘brain-storming verbal advice consultation’. It is perfect if you haven’t confirmed any of your ideas, or if you need help deciding on your direction.Ideally you would receive this service upon first purchasing your property, or having lived in it for sometime (with a limited background in design or building), or just prior to the purchase of an existing building or land, in order for you to know whether your needs could be met without over or under-capitalisation.In order to complete this service we will work with you to fully understand your short and long term goals, and aspirations with regards to your property.Our Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) membership is your assurance of our quality, honesty and professionalism as a registered Architect and professional designer. As an RAIA member we are required to uphold the RAIA ‘code of conduct’. Our 1.5-2 hour initial verbal consultation will always be performed by the Principal of the firm, Dion Seminara, who is a registered architect, design specialist and licenced building contractor, with 20 years experience and several design awards. He will personally provide expert advice and realistic options on how to maximise the potential of your project.This service is a verbal advice consultation only and plans or drawings are not provided at this stage. It can be upgraded to the Feasibility Analysis – Space Allocation + Association, however many clients choose to upgrade to the Sketch Design Service in order to see the discussed ideas and options converted into large scale detailed plans, a section and a number of three-dimensional sketches.Read client Testimonials for our Verbal Advice Consultation service.

1b | Feasibility Analysis – Space Allocation + Association:

A service to confirm a sites viability to support the quantity of apartments or townhouses if you have not purchased a site for a multi-residential project.

This service is a Feasibility Analysis which will provide you with design ideas and building cost advice for renovations, alterations, additions, improvements and new buildings. Fees for this service represent very good value for money.Exclusive to dion seminara architecture, this service is provided at a discounted rate of approximately 50%-75% off the industry standard established fees, offered so that clients can experience the benefits that our architectural input can provide you based around your specific needs and building.It is a client focused service designed to analyse all of your lifestyle and budget requirements and confirm the feasibility of your project. Your Initial Concept Report will provide you with all the information you need to fully understand the look, feel, practicality and building cost of our proposed design solution and will clearly spell out all processes required to complete your commercial space. You will receive a carefully considered design proposal tailored to suit your situation.All report sizes include:

  • A 1.5-3 hour consultation at your building or land to discuss your requirements and evaluate the aspects of your property.
  • An initial hand drawn (at 1:200 scale) concept floorplan/s, including many design ideas based on your requirements with our expert input (Building application drawings are not included in this service but should you consider the project feasible, dion seminara architecture provides this service and many more, as described in our Design, Documentation & Drafting Services Schedule.)
  • A clear understanding of any local council issues that may affect your project.
  • An opinion of the probable building cost of your project.
  • An outline of how to stage your project to best manage your finances.
  • A written report outlining the steps required in order to have your project built well.
  • An outline of other project costs like structural engineers, private certifiers, etc.

Once you have determined the feasibility of your project, dion seminara architecture will tailor a range of Design, Documentation & Drafting services to ensure the success of your project.

Please note that when you choose to progress with our proposal, in whole or part, dion seminara architecture requires your commitment to engage the practice for no less than our minimum tailored Design Service (concept revision through to permit drawing stages.)


2a | (P1) Sketch Design ‘The Concept’

(NB: Alternative pre-requisite for Project Design services)

This is an advanced design concept service which excludes Building Application Drawings, but leads you to these services sooner.For any size project involving renovations, alterations, additions, improvements or new buildings. If you are confident about the financial feasibility of your project, this traditional architectural service will get your project underway and closer to completion.This is the best value ‘start up’ design service if you are 100% confident in progressing your project to construction stage.This service is the best choice when you:

  • want to ensure more accurate opinions of probable project cost.
  • want independent design advice for your site, free from restrictions of builder’s standard schemes (this includes ‘design & construct’).
  • intend to progress with our Design, Documentation & Drafting services, as overall architectural service costs are usually less starting out with this service.
  • have already confirmed the overall scheme direction with our Verbal Advice Consultation service
  • have a very large project (mandatory): ‘New additions and/or alterations’ 300sqm+; or ‘Large New Buildings 351sqm+.

Often following on from the Verbal Advice Consultation, this service is provided for those who are serious about progressing their project, particularly if saving time is a priority. As all drawings provided in this service are computer generated (CAD), they are of much higher detail and precision than as provided in the Initial Concept Report. This also saves considerable time when you proceed with your project.

If your project is a renovation, alteration or addition, we will need you to engage us to complete our Measured Drawing. This service gives us an accurate representation of your commercial space floor plans and elevations in a CAD format. In addition, we require a detailed contour survey of your site which we can organise on your behalf.

The Sketch Design Service includes:

  • A meeting at your building or land to discuss your requirements and evaluate the aspects of your property.
  • A fully developed schematic design floor plan/s at 1:100 scale, drawn in CAD format to ensure a precise result. This design drawing will include professional space planning, integration and design of internal & external spaces, all in combination with your briefing requirements (Building Application drawings are not included in this service, however dion seminara architecture provides this service and many more as described on our Design, Documentation & Drafting Services Schedule.
  • At least 2 fully developed 3D perspective sketches to help you visualise your building.
  • A clear understanding of any local council issues that may affect your project.
  • An outline of all consultants fees to complete all other stages .
  • A detailed opinion as to the construction cost of your project.

On completion of this service, we will provide a written outline of all fees for architectural, engineering, town planning (if required) etc, and steps in order to complete your project.

Learn more about our Design Process.


2a | (P2) Measured Drawings

If renovating (MD)

If renovating, measured drawings are needed to fully understand the full parameters of your existing building. We need to convert these into CAD format. This work will generally consist of a visit to your building by two representatives from our office who will spend 3-5 hours on site. Usually 1 or more weeks work is required to fully illustrate the scope of your building include existing electrical facilities ie lights etc.

2b | Detailed Design with Independent Estimate

Refines first concept (from 2a or 2b) and ensures our design fully satisfies.

Following your Feasibility Analysis – Space Allocation + Association (or Sketch Design) Report we would re-address all the most important issues you now require your design to reflect, and make provision for the later resolution of more detailed issues. We will also write up all the project requirements to ensure all relevant information for an optimum design is available before the final design process is completed.

Once the final concept revisions are complete and approved, work begins on the preliminary working drawings known as Design Development. If a Development Approval is required this would be completed at this stage. We also recommend an independent detailed estimate is undertaken at this stage to ensure your project is financially viable. We will organise all sub-consultants on your behalf at this stage.


3a | Building Application Drawings

Following approval of a development application for your project (if required) and a satisfactory outcome of the independent estimate, we will convert design drawings (intended to be understood by the owner) into technical drawings to obtain the building approval. At this stage we will work closely with the structural engineering sub-consultant, who will carry out the structural design for your project.

3b | Contructions Drawings + Specification

In this stage we will prepare all the construction drawings suitable to obtain accurate comparative prices, and in order to construct your project with the least amount of hassle in order to produce an architecturally designed outcome. These drawings will include construction details, electrical layouts, setout drawing and reflected ceiling plans.

3c | Coordination of All Consultants

Including surveyors, structural engineers, estimators and private certifiers as required.

3d | Interior Design

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Detailed design and documentation of interiors as required. This can include kitchens, bathrooms, home theatres, built-in BBQs, bars and entertainment units.

3e | Garden Architecture

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In order to create innovative links between indoors and outdoors, we can design a range of external elements such as swimming pools, garden and paved areas, terraces, fences, gatehouses, gazebos and pavilions.


4a | Sourcing Builders, Tendering + Negotiating

With 1 or more builders

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We select a builder or builders for your final approval and assessment. We can negotiate with one or more on your behalf. This is an important phase to ensure the best price, with possible final adjustments to improve quality and/or adjust price.

4b | Contract Administration of the Builder

Sometimes referred to as project management.

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Your building contract is administered by us on your behalf. With our experience and knowledge in the building process, and acting as your agent we will deal with the day to day issues of the project to ensure a successful outcome.

The following features can only be found in an architect administered building contract:

  • Professional assistance in building matters from someone other than the builder.
  • Monthly payments to builder, based on the actual value of work completed as assessed by the architect – therefore cash-flow is more accurately tuned to the project progress. This is better for the builder and reduces any opportunity for abuse.
  • During construction, up to 5% of the contract amount is held as security that the builder will perform all works in accordance with the contract.
  • After completion, up to 2.5% of the contract amount is held as security that any defects will be rectified under contract within the defects liability period (typically from 3 to 6 months)
  • Compensation to the owner if the builder exceeds the agreed completion date without justifiable cause.

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