Can homes be raised in flood prone areas of Brisbane without council approval?

Advice from Dion Seminara, Principal Architect, dion seminara architecture

It’s a little-known fact that there is a temporary Brisbane planning provision which has allowed those people whose homes are situated in flood-prone areas to raise the roof lines of their homes from the standard 8.5m to 9.5m.

However, according to an article in the Courier Mail, the Brisbane City Council are looking to make this provision permanent.

The draft plan also proposes a temporary provision, allowing residents in flood-prone suburbs to raise homes to a maximum height of 9.5m without council assessment, be made permanent and expanded to include the entire city as part of a reduction of “red tape and regulation”.

Council debate on the city plan is set to begin Friday afternoon ahead of four further special council meetings next week.

This would be a welcome and common sense move following on from the devastating floods at the beginning of last year. However raised rooflines are of little value if those parts of your home that are still below the flood line haven’t been designed with flooding in mind.

And creating a home design that is made to withstand the effect of temporarily being submerged in flood waters is the reason why my design won the L J Hooker Grantham Flood Home Design Competition. And it is because of this, that dion seminara architecture has gained such a reputation for being one of Brisbane’s leading flood design architects.

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