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Understanding the Fundamentals

At dion seminara architecture we understand the fundamentals of outdoor entertainment area / landscaping design. Knowing how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area and landscape will mean your desired gravitational areas provide the lifestyle you are looking for.

There are particular key fundamentals which form the basis of the design principles behind the construction of effective landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas. These simple principles anchor the outdoor areas in harmony with the home. They create the sense of connectedness between the interior and exterior living spaces.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Without going into the technical aspects of architectural design, the fundamentals behind successful outdoor entertainment areas involve:

  • Easy access – people will be attracted to an area if it is easy to get to and not hidden away in a zone that is difficult to access.
  • Integration beyond the immediate space – ideally those congregating in one area of the space still need to be able to talk comfortably and interact with people in other parts of the home.
  • Suitable climate – people will gravitate to an area that has a reasonably consistent, comfortable temperature and provides adequate protection from the elements
  • Comfortable space – considerations between sufficient standing space and suitable seating options will result in an area that is both popular to be in, comfortable enough to enjoy and provide for the type of interactions you were looking for within the space.
  • Support mechanisms – providing added comfort and functionality, these may include a simple resting bar for food and drinks or a pergola to provide shelter near the pool deck.


Landscaping the front and side passages of your home can significantly increase street appeal, the overall value of your home and set the tone for your home’s style, character and your personality.

Landscaping at the rear of your home is more about you and your lifestyle. Creating an outdoor space for entertainment, activity and relaxation, a space that blurs the divide between the interior and exterior of the home, or producing a luscious landscaped garden will add tremendous value to your lifestyle. An aesthetically pleasing view with a function reflecting how you like to enjoy your spare time is a commodity second to none.

Create your Outdoor Entertainment / Landscaping Area

Create the right formula for your lifestyle, talk to dion seminara architecture about your new landscaping or outdoor entertainment plans.

Outdoor entertainment / landscaping renovations can make a significant impact to the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

As leading residential architects in Brisbane, our image gallery here will allow you to view our expertise in creating effective outdoor entertainment areas and producing breathtaking landscape designs.

You will find examples of our completed projects spanning outdoor kitchens, deck extensions and patios through to pools and garden landscaping.  We have transformed the outdoor areas of inner city homes, suburban blocks, country estates, apartment blocks and resorts.

Would you like to know more about our design process?  Do you want to know how to take the first step in your project?

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