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New home designs by dion seminara architecture will be authentic – created with vision and integrity. With an architectural new home design, you will achieve a lifestyle adaptable home which reflects your style, personality, values, way of life, and standard of living.

Designing a new home is an exciting experience.

Deciding where to start may seem daunting. There are many different options, services and plans available.

The single largest decision is whether your dream home is going to be authentic to who you are. Will the individual parts be assembled to suit your requirements in collaboration with professionals who know the ins and outs of architectural design and the building industry? Or are you going to choose a builder’s “off the plan” design, settling for the one-size fits all approach?

So what are you looking for?

  • New home ideas?
  • A new home that is responsive to climate?
  • A new home with the flexibility to adjust to your lifestyle?
  • A new home which reflects your style – classic/luxury/contemporary?
  • Current trends?
  • Functional layouts?
  • Specific design features?
  • A home to entertain in?
  • Somewhere to raise your family?
  • A getaway retreat?
  • A place to call your own?

Real Value for Money

With a dion seminara architecture designed home, you get what you need from the start. Uniquely tailored homes – with the inclusions and features you value – your choice, for your home.

Magnificent and stunning, adaptable and functional, our new home designs cater specifically to the need of the individuals for whom they were crafted. Bespoke, architecturally designed new homes can be staged to suit your budget requirements.

There are many “off the plan” options available through builders that will appear to give value for money. However, if they do not suit the climate and your lifestyle, you will end up spending a lot on utility bills, temporary solutions and be unhappy with the result. Perhaps you will end up selling or having to renovate sooner than you anticipated.

A Lifestyle Investment

An architecturally designed home will be uniquely yours; crafted with expertise for the unique location, slope and amenity of your block of land. Designed for and inspired by your dreams, this home will require a lifestyle investment to bring it to life.

Like anything custom-built, an architectural home will cost you more than an off-the-shelf project home. The quality of the home’s one-off design, the materials used and the level of fit out is typically higher in a bespoke home as a result of the home owner’s desires.

Architectural fees for your new home design depend upon the level of service you require. Architect’s fees are in the vicinity of 10 – 15% of the overall project cost. What you receive for your investment will vary from architect to architect. At dion seminara architecture our fees relate to the unique requirements identified in your brief, paired with your budget allocation and service required. If you are short on time and have the budget, we can manage absolutely everything for you. If you would like to be more hands-on and involved in the research and project management, our fees will reflect the service we have provided to get you on the right track.

To gain an understanding of costs from the construction perspective, a custom-designed new home will cost upwards of $2,200/sqm to build. The price can quickly escalate as you add extra inclusions, for example, a pool, landscaping and driveways. Building costs rely on various factors such as the state of the market in general, whether material costs are increasing, the costs of trades, exchange rate fluctuations and the builder’s overall supervision of the construction.

The Starting Blocks

Finding the perfect parcel of land for your dream home, or purchasing an older property to knock down and rebuild – you will be considering the experience of a new build as well as the process.

Our team of creative and intuitive architects have the expertise to guide you through the experience. Adopting an approach of simplicity and honesty, designing your new home is a journey of exploration and collaboration when you work with us.

To us, beauty is architecture. For you, architecture is a medium through which form, function and creativity can enhance your lifestyle. Our ability to focus on creating a unique relationship with you matched with a keen eye for detail will ensure a positive experience throughout your new home design experience.

New Home Designs – Our Services

We offer a full design, approval and project management service. From our suite of services, you have the ability to decide which will best suit your needs and budget.

Together with our exceptional new home designs service, we also offer:-

  • Interior design services
  • Landscaping design
  • Full project management services including overseeing the building of your new home (contract administration)
  • Council approval coordination
  • Building documentation services
  • Tendering acquisitions, and
  • Coordination of all external consultants.

You can tailor our award-winning new home designs for:

  • suburban family homes
  • townhouse plans
  • small lot homes
  • large acreage houses
  • beach house designs with spectacular views
  • sloping block and stilt homes
  • eco-friendly and flood resistant homes
  • contemporary to traditional architectural styles, and everything in between.

You will not find another architect in Brisbane who understands lifestyle design in the way that we do. You will receive honest, expert advice connected to your expressed needs and desires.

Just look at some of our gorgeous new home designs in our galleries to see the outstanding quality of our architectural new home designs. The choice is now yours.

Contact us to discuss which services you may wish to take advantage of; we are available on 07 3899 9450.


New Home Designs with dion seminara architecture

New home designs, from suburban family home designs, townhouse designs on small lots to large acreage house designs, to beach house designs with spectacular views, you will not find another architect in Brisbane who understands lifestyle design in the way that we do. Just look at some of our gorgeous designs in our galleries to see the magnificent quality of our architectural new home designs.

Architectural new home designs are far superior to the cookie cutter pre-designed homes found in many new residential estates in Brisbane and Australia.  An architectural new home design will incorporate and surpass your desires and needs. New home designs that are tailored to you and your block of land will maximise the potential of your development providing you with long-term enjoyment and resale value.

New home designs by dion seminara architecture (Dion Seminara) include all design styles from modern contemporary homes through to traditional styles of architecture. The choice is yours. Dion will provide you with expert advice, however, all advice will be based upon your expressed needs and desires.

Dion’s award-winning designs stand out from many others through providing unique and wonderful designs that are also very functional, practical and result in a home that provides a great deal of pleasure to live in.

Would you like to know more about our design process?  Do you want to know how to take the first step in your project?

Contact dion seminara architecture now to begin your project.


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