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Our advice services are your first step. Each advice option is tailored to suit your needs whilst giving you expert advice on your project. If you go forward from the advice to our schematic design service the cost of the advice is deducted from the cost of this service.

If you would really like to meet Dion prior to one of these advice services to get a better understanding of our process in order to deliver your design and building project you are welcome to make a time to visit us at our office. Please note that no advice will be given in relation to your specific project.

Choose Your Advice Service

What’s Included

Pre-Purchase Design Advice (2 or 3hrs)

This adice is for clients who are looking at purchasing a particular home or peice of land. We will help you make a choice that will suit your living and financial needs. Layout options, costs and potential restrictions will all be explored during this advice.
Read more about this advice here.

Lifestyle Design Options Assessment (up to 3hrs)

This advice is for clients who are looking at renovating their existing home or building a new home and plan on living there for more than 7 years. This 3 hour advice allows for great consideration of your current and future needs.  Whilst also exploring building, interior and landscape design.
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Design Options Advice (up to 2hrs)

This advice is for clients who want to stay in their homes for less than 7 years. You will be guided through our available packages, ensuring you can get the best possible outcome for your project.
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What Each Advice Includes

Pre-Purchase Design Advice & Lifestyle Design Options Assessment cover the same topics
Pre-Purchase Design AdviceLifestyle Design Options AssessmentDesign Options Advice
Up to 2hr Design Options Advice (orally presented)checkcheck
Up to 3 hr Lifestyle Design Optionsd Assessment (orally presented)checkcheck
Current Lifestyle Requirements: Looking at your preferred lifestyle, your hobbies, interests and favourite pastimes. We consider how worthwhile your proposed renovations are with regard to maximising your lifestyle and the overall liveability of your home.checkcheckcheck
Future Lifestyle Requirements: Are you thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you have school age children that will soon grow into teenagers? Or maybe you are approaching your retirement years? As part of this assessment we will look at likely changes in the future and how they might best be catered for in your design.checkcheck
Design Solutions: Based on your long term lifestyle needs we look at design solutions that will ensure that your home offers you the highest levels of comfort and overall liveability now and into the future.checkcheckcheck
Specific Design Option Solutions: Based on your specific  needs at this time we look at design options that will resolve your current needscheckcheck
Budget Assessments: It is important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have allocated. As part of your Lifestyle Design Options Assessment we will look at your proposed project and give you some initial thoughts on how far your budget will stretch.checkcheckcheck
Capitalisation: Will your project leave your property over or under capitalised? We are not financial advisors and recommend that you get professional, independent financial advice in relation to this question, however feel free to ask us during your assessment if you would like our opinion on any potential capitalisation issues in relation to your project.checkcheck
Honest Feedback: Years of experience has taught us that the thing that our clients value most is honest feedback, which is why we will challenge you if we don’t believe that a proposed change you are considering will be of benefit to you. You can rest assured that we will provide real direction to ensure that your project provides you with the maximum benefits in the long run.checkcheckcheck

Understand Our Services- Our 6 Step Process

1- Architect’s Pre-Design Services


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2- Schematic Design – Your Concept Stage


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5- Construction Documentation


Read more about this service here.

6- Tender & Building Contract Management


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Engage Us For Our Concept Service Only

This option includes schematic deisgn (your concept) only. This service will be the only upgrade service on offer if the scope of your project is not clear or your project includes a lot of internal or external works. Upgrades will be offered on presentation of this schematic design.

Please note whilst this may initially sound like an attractive option, it is only a design plan and costing and does not iniclude any changes or 3D visuals, meaning it lacks the excitement of our other packages. This partial service is ideal for anyone who is unsure of what they want, or someone who initially only wants planning and costing work to help them make clearer long term decisions.

Read more about this option here.


Choose Your Comprehensive Package

In order to complete your project we offer different packages that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. You can choose as many or as few of our 6 services that you feel you need.

Option A.1

Concept to Plans

Steps 1 to 4

Schematic Design (Your Concept) & Design Development, Pre-Building Application

Option B.1

Concept to Full Design

Steps 1 to 5

Schematic Design (Your Concept) & Design Development, Pre-Building Application & Construction ready Documents, with the option of interior and landscape design

Option C.1

Concept to Keys

Steps 1 to 6

Schematic Design (Your Concept) & Design Development, Pre-Building Application, Construction & Specification, Tender & Contract administration, with the option of interior and landscape design

Option A.1  – Concept to Plans

This package covers services 1 through to 4, starting with your initial concept and taking you through to the completed plans stage. This option is best suited to clients with smaller projects or with prior building and renovating experience.

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Option B.1 – Concept to Full Design

This package covers services 1 through 5, giving you everything you need to start building. This option best suits clients who want a more detailed service but are confident enough to manage the building phase independently.

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Option C.1 – Concept to Keys

This package covers all of our 6 services from the very beginning of you project right up until you have the keys in your hand. This option is suited to clients that are looking for a comprehensively managed design and building process that is high quality and stress free.

Read more about this process here

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