Unique Design Solutions for a Difficult Site in Taringa

Project background

This Taringa landholding created some challenges in terms of designing additional space within the land constraints and the positioning of the existing home.

Taringa renovation design for a difficult site

On the owners’ request in designing the renovation for this home, we designed two separate stages of the renovation.  This allowed the owners to commence stage one, and undertake stage two when they desired.

Stage one Taringa renovation

The first phase of the design project addressed the streetscape and the function of the pedestrian entry from the street and the car parking area. New stairs and additional internal space were also part of the stage one of the Taringa renovation.

The design called for the front yard of the site to be broken into a series of terraces to provide for a level path around the front of the home and a new path and stairs down the western side of the house. A new very simple front fence with powder coated aluminum fence panels was recommended to be set between the rendered block piers. Associated gates were suggested to provide separation between the footpath and the property. The new fence was planned to be located behind the existing hedge. In addition, a screen fence was proposed to separate the pedestrian entry path and the stairs from the car park to contain the family dog in safety away from the driveway and car parking area.

A new set of stairs was designed to ascend from the car park to a new level entry bridge which was planned to connect through from the footpath to a new front set of stairs. Above the new stairs, a new roof was planned to create a focal point of interest for the facade of the house.

A new enclosed space was recommended on the northeast side of the existing study to provide a writers desk zone within this office/study space.

Stage two Taringa renovation

The second phase of the renovation was designed in readiness for when the owners were able to undertake the second stage. The second stage Taringa renovation also flowed from the phase one design so as to provide the owners, when completed, a home that catered for all their needs, has a practical floor plan and substantially increased living and entertainment areas.

The first major change in the stage two design of the Taringa renovation was the relocation of the internal staircase. The new staircase was designed to be located in the informal area of the home. This location had the advantage of being close to the garage and the new laundry. By relocating the existing staircase a new private adults lounge on the first floor and a private entertainment room and a bedroom zone could be accommodated on the ground floor.

A further major change was designed such that a new kitchen would be positioned to connect to the new indoor-outdoor area and the new living room. Other changes included the incorporation and relocation of one of the bedrooms to provide for more windows from both bedrooms. Upgrading of the ground floor bathroom was recommended, as was the inclusion of storage room, pool storage, and drying deck.

taringa renovation

Taringa Home Prior to Renovation

taringa home renovation

Massive Change to the Exterior Designed for this Taringa Home









Project Number: 080702

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