1930′s Masonry Character Home is Given New Life

Scope of Project

This purpose of this St Lucia home renovation was to create more space for two family groups living within this home. The owners of the 1930’s character home were also seeing a significant improvement in the street appeal of the house. Finally, the renovation needed to also include providing a better connection between the home and the back garden.

St Lucia Home Renovation Design

The most significant change planned for the 1930’s character home was the de-centralisation of the front entrance to a side entry. This change allowed the existing house to be converted to bedrooms. New living areas were designed to be created on the ground floor.

Design Style

The proposed changes designed for the front of the home were purposely made very simple and refined to ensure that they complemented the classical styling of the front of the existing home. For this reason, face brickwork was incorporated in the design to provide imact around the entry and carport, thus balancing each end of the home.

A new front fence and landscaping was included within the renovation design with the purpose of providing the home with a stately appearance.

New Entry Design

The new entry designed as part of the St Lucia home renovation included skylights in the entry hall which would be inviting to guests through the provision of natural lighting. The entry could be further enhanced by the addition of many of the artworks belonging to the owners being hung on the plentiful amount of wall space in the entry.

Internal Layout and Views

Internally within the home the renovation design ensured that views of the backgarden and pool were visible as one descended down the internal staircase. Furthermore, on the lower floor level as a result of the new design, the home will have expansive views to the north, north-east and also into the backyard.

Fulfilling one of the major purposes of the St Lucia home renovation, the new living area and outdoor space would provide an all year round living and relaxation space. A fireplace was also recommended to add to the winter atmosphere.

The design also ensured that the main bedroom (plus ensuite) had a visual connectivity with the new living wing, thus allowing supervision of children from this zone.

Additional Space

The new living wing as well as the redeveloped lower ground floor level provide a substantial increase in floorspace within the home. The renovation design for the lower ground floor under the existing house provides a formal dining space and a cellar which can be viewed through a glass wall to one side of the internal corridor. The lower ground floor area also included a music, entertainment and a mud room. Access from these areas is provided through to the carport.

A small library area was also designed off the hallway leading from the entry with connection to the front yard pergola area. This area not only provides a small library/study but also captures expansive views to the west.

Completed Design

The completed design achieved the purpose of the renovation, adding additional living areas, substantially increased street appeal and improved connectivity between the internal and external living areas. The images below illustrate the home prior to the renovation and the substantial improvements contained within the new renovation design.

st lucia home renovation

1930s Home Prior to Renovation

Masonry Character Home Prior to Renovation

Masonry Character Home Prior to Renovation










st lucia house renovation

St Lucia Home with Improved Streetscape

Indoor-Outdoor Living Design

Indoor-Outdoor Living Design

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