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Nundah History and Architecture

Nundah is about 8 kilometres north-east of the Brisbane city center. In the mid 1880’s Nundah was mainly rural, but was divided up in the late 1880’s.

Nundah is mostly residential with houses ranging from mid-sized to large houses, workers cottages to modern apartments.There are also commercial retail and light industry buildings.

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dion seminara architecture Nundah Home Renovation

For a house to be a home there must be connectivity from the building to the interior and the landscape design of all parts and all parts must integrate seamlessly with each other.

Architectural style and streetscape aesthetic appeal

With the introduction of the proposed double carport, it will be very important to consider the roofline of this sort of structure so it doesn’t destroy the current streetscape appeal of the clients home and actually enhances it. I recommend creating a small gabled ended roof over one car bay and a skillion roof like that which wraps around the front verandah over the other bay, this will soften the impact of this structure.

In addition a new gatehouse structure should be included to place greatest emphasis on pedestrian access and to act as the front door to the entry path down the side of the house. Landscaping is extremely important. This should be used to enhance both sides of the front fence and the entire frontyard as I don’t consider grass is at all necessary given the carport will take up a significant portion of this space.

The new pavilion will integrate extremely well into the backyard landscape and can be surrounded by landscaping to both soften and provide a cool summer haven and a warm winter city retreat.

Backyard and sides areas

We recommend the clients thickly landscape along the western side and rear boundaries and within the courtyard space between the existing house and new pavilion. Additional tall planting should be incorporated along the back boundary to screen out the distant busy road and further privatise it from all neighbours. Colourful planting will also be included on the back and each side. The western side garden area would contain drying area close to the laundry.

Existing Floor Level

Proposed changes will all be centred around the back of the house. The existing deck will be removed to make way for a new pavilion addition. The laundry will either be retained or cut back in either case a robe to a new bedroom 5 will be created.

The new bedroom 5 will occupy the computer games/corridor area near the current deck. The current kitchen/dining will become a new main bedroom with current bathroom to become a temporary ensuite and future robe with at least 10m of hanging over two levels. The future ensuite which will eventually be on an external wall will include double shower, twin basins, storage and a shielded WC.

New full height louvre windows are the best option for maximum ventilation to the new main bedroom which will look down over a new landscaped courtyard in place of part of the current garage. Screen can also be included to privatise  from the neighbour and help control eastern sun and summer heat. A new internal stair will be created under the roof line on the eastern wall of the new bedroom 5. The niche in this wall will be removed to make this stair possible. The stair will incorporate windows on the eastern side with some screening.

New Rear Pavilion Additions

A new area for a kitchen, small study nook, dining and living of approximate 10m long by 5.5m wide will be created approximately 3m away from the back of the current house excluding the deck. In addition a further 2m will be added to the western end for a laundry and powder room. This area would also include storage for sunscreens, hats and the like. The new living area would flow out to a new terrace with outdoor kitchen and a large area for a table and lounging area.

Storage options

A storage cupboard for camping gear accessed via a roller door could be established with the carport on one side to form a partial screen to this structure. A day bed can be created on the front verandah which can include storage bins. Under the new internal stair a storage space could be created for outdoor gardening equipment. Off the new entry path storage areas can be created off the back of the house and these areas can be screened off by batten gates.

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