New Home Design Mt Nebo, Brisbane, Australia

This new home design Mt Nebo draws visitors in through the Japanese inspired gardens which provide a sense of order and discipline to the front of this beautiful home.

External Architecture

The home will essentially be a concrete structure with large concrete columns with buttrice like shapes.   This along with the tower and large concrete wall at the entry will give the home a castle like resemblance. Set high on the hill the home will look over the property as if it was a castle looking over it’s territory.

The external materials of the home will be bookleaf stone to the front face of the house, off form concrete in its natural state, aluminum and timber framed windows with expansive glazing and a mixture of concrete roofs with gravel over and copper sheet roofs which will age gracefully like Customs House in Brisbane City.

From the entry, the house will have a fortress wall. To the north and east the house will have predominantly glass walls.  External venetians will provide protection from the harsh sunlight in the morning and large eaves overhangs will ensure the home remains cool most of the day.

Beyond the fortress wall, you will ascent the entry steps through a bamboo forest.  This will be the first view of the tranquil gardens that surrounds the home.  While ascending the entry stairs, you will also look across the reflection pools to a very Japanese style sand garden.  This simple yet very structured garden provides order and discipline to the front of the home.

Internal Architecture

Entry/Waiting Area

Beyond the entry bridge, through a large set of solid timber doors, you will enter a space with a very normal ceiling height. This standard ceiling height will give this space an intimate feeling and will emphasize the grandeur of the higher ceilings beyond this space.  To one side of the entry space, a simple bench seat will provide a visitor with a zone to wait and reflect.

After ascending another few steps, you will arrive within a grand space – the reflection lookout.  This space will have large full height glass windows where you will be able to gaze out across reflection ponds into a refined, yet simple, garden forming a room within the private boundaries of the walled fortress home.  This garden will also provide a tranquil view from the southern side of the main living area of the house.

Deck/Bar/BBQ/Winter Deck

This space will be large, but not excessive.  The main deck would be suitable for a large table with the winter deck incorporating built in seating.

Guest Bedrooms/Laundry/Guest Retreat

This area will service the guest with five star hotel style accommodation.

The guest retreat itself could be much more casual for those staying for long stints.

The laundry and drying area is for the whole house.

Home Theatre

This area will be located underground on the basement level of the house.

For greatly enhanced viewing, we recommend you step the floor of this space.  The seating within this area will be made up of lounge style seating.  We also recommend you incorporate a small bar/kitchenette and amenities close by.


A large pool with a large infinity edge or wet edge will be incorporated.

This pool will include a wading area and a large sun baking or stepping stone platforms within the pool.

In addition, a large outdoor spa in a sheltered environment will provide a relaxing zone during summer.  A large glass window will provide a view from the spa directly into the side of the pool.

Through the use of mosaic tiling, the pool could either blend with the skyline or the lush green surrounding environment.

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