Kenmore Home Renovation – Post War House

This design won the 2005 HIA ‘Renovation & Additions’ Award.

The owners of this 1950′s home in Kenmore contacted me concerning their desire to expand their current home but at the same time limit the extent of alteration made to the home.

Kenmore Home Renovation Details

The original kitchen was cramped and needed to be opened up to the living areas of the home. The kitchen needed a pantry, and a double door refrigerator and lots of drawers. So the new kitchen area has been combined with the dining and living room to open up the space. The existing hardwood floor was exposed and sanded and polished in the kitchen and entry area.

The client requested air conditioning that would provide heating without the mess of the fireplace. An entertainment unit now replaces the fireplace and the TV and stereo can be hidden away in this nook.

There was a minimum of seven library shelf units in the study and a lot of children’s books stored under the house. The study was used a lot. So the new design allows the existing study to remain and be combined with a library to accommodate all the books.

The client was very keen to have an ironing area created and wanted more wardrobe space in the main bedroom. We converted the small fourth bedroom into a large walk in robe/ironing room. The ironing board is stored in the laundry and located in the living space when needed. The main bathroom and ensuite also needed upgrading. The shower in the ensuite was too small.

We incorporated a second garage to help solve the storage problems. Both garages are connected via a covered access to the house.

A new roof over the existing entry provides greater protection to this area plus a focal point for visitors as they approach the front of the house.

Finally, a large new deck with an external courtyard provides a great vantage point to enjoy the city view; the pleasant north-east summer breeze without the insects (as the deck has been designed with bi-folding shutters with built-in insect screens to all sides). Bi-fold windows link the kitchen to this space. Additional roofs on the northern side of the home provide protection to the walls from the harsh summer sun.

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Kenmore History and Architecture

Around the 1840’s Kenmore was a run for sheep and cattle. Around 1859 it was split up and sold in 15 – 20 acre lots. The main industries were timber and farming in the 1800’s followed by dairies in the 1900’s. It was not till the 1950’s that Kenmore became more residential. This explains the abundance of brick homes in Kenmore.

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