Clayfield Home Renovation & External Works

    Clayfield Home Renovation & External Works

    This Clayfield home renovation aimed to create a design that revolves around a liveable environment for the clients now and into the future.


    Our Clayfield home renovation clients wanted a pedestrian entry away from the driveway; therefore, a new entry gate and gatehouse achieve this and further enhance the home as a cosy Brisbane retreat. The new alterations and extensions now give the home more architectural street appeal. The new entry gatehouse and carport are still in keeping with the character of the original home.

    When anyone arrives at the house, they now enter through the new distinctive gatehouse. This gatehouse is contemporary and blends in with the existing house, providing a direct route to the front door via a new pathway. Alternatively, arriving at the new carport allows the client to walk to the front door under a covered pergola link to the front of the house. The pergola and carport were architecturally designed, so they blend in with the original house.

    The clients wanted a new double carport to be created in the front yard with a covered link back to the house. In the end, the original garage had a new extension added to it which consists of an ensuite and workshop area. The new extension gives the garage a multi-use function as a future rumpus or games room. There is now direct access via large opening sliding doors which open up the outdoor paved areas giving a connection to the rest of the house. We also redesigned the front yard landscaping to create a private courtyard feel and to link with the front of the house.

    The new Clayfield home renovation architecture expresses the structure with detail overhangs and joins, along with bringing filtered light into the space. The new structure was painted white to blend in with the existing house without dominating it. Stainless gutters and downpipes were introduced to express design details.

    Internal changes

    The best aspect for natural breezes is from the north-east. A bedroom, kitchen and dining room occupied this space. The bedroom and the hall needed to become the main living room to create a space with good light and ventilation.

    The kitchen was relocated so that it runs along the western wall and the dining room now runs beside this. Sliding doors now connect this space with the remaining section of the back deck and also open up the back of the kitchen to the courtyard below.

    We converted the existing living room to another bedroom and the main entry hall. The bathroom was renovated and an ensuite built to sit beside it to connect into the front main bedroom. The third bedroom was expanded to the rear to increase the size of the room. A study nook was added with easy access to the kitchen.

    Now after entering the house, the client is lead through a large open hall with the new bedroom and laundry/bath off to the side. Then they arrive at the open plan end of the house. This area is light and airy and captures the breezes through large doors which open to the new outside patio area.

    The kitchen is on the western wall with plenty of areas for storage and consists of a large island bench which serves the open dining area. This open area directly connects to the original deck and outdoor patio. By opening up the rear of the house, it became more spacious, light and an enjoyable space with a connection to the outside; therefore bringing the two areas together.

    Backyard Additions and Changes

    Overall the extensions to the rear of the house create inviting but relaxing spaces which connect the outside and bring the natural environment indoors. Lighting and breezes now make the indoors and outdoors harmonise together.

    The rear of the house now has a modern interpretation of the gable roof introduced over a new patio area and joining to the existing house. This brings a new form of appeal to the rear which captures the summer breezes and light into the existing house and creates an inviting outdoor space for entertaining.

    The existing backyard is now a paved courtyard with an enhanced garden area. A new extension was added to the side of the garage at the back of the house to allow for two car bay widths at the back and a laundry and ensuite space on the front end plus access.

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    Clayfield History and Architecture

    Clayfield is approximately seven kilometres from Brisbane city. Older brick apartments along with new townhouses/terraced houses are standard in Clayfield. Clayfield houses can vary from Queenslanders on big blocks of land to modern luxury homes.

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