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Cashmere Architecture

The suburb of Cashmere is located on the north-western fringes of Brisbane. The architecture of Cashmere is made up of many modern brick and rendered homes on rural and semi rural blocks.

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dion seminara architecture Cashmere Home Renovation Designs

Alterations and additions to a contemporary home

Architectural style and streetscape aesthetic appeal

The current home aesthetic appeal is typical based on the age of the house. As a range of renovations are now planned for the home, it is important to update the front aesthetic to give the home a unique appeal. As there are no changes planned for the top level of the home most if not all changes or additions will be limited to the ground floor level and external yard treatments.

  1. A new screen or fence to create a courtyard just out from the living will start to change the home appeal.
  2. A new visitor carpark and the roof structures around the new living and dining area to protect new windows and doors will all contribute to the streetscape.
  3. I also recommend the introduction of some pergola structures.
  4. In addition some light weight screening to the first floor windows and possible alteration of the first floor balustrade could all be considered.
  5. Landscaping is extremely important. This should be used to enhance and provide distinction to the front of the home.
  6. The home must respond to the climate and take advantage of our climate, which is very important if the want a naturally cooled home in summer and a warm home in winter and a light and airy house all year round.

Backyard and sides areas

A quality external link is needed from the covered terrace to the pool. This should meander up to the pool level via a combination of stairs and platforms with the possible addition of some shade and seating area along the way. It maybe worth altering the retaining wall in part which sits immediately beside the terrace area to reduce it’s impact on the terrace and possibly increase the scale of the zone around this terrace. Some additional metres to the south would dramatically enhance the feeling of space.

The pool area is extremely stark and extremely exposed to the elements. Incorporation of some sub-tropical landscaping will greatly enhance this area. We also recommend the possible incorporation of some shading devices to the side or partially over the pool.

We recommend thick landscaping along the southern, eastern and western boundaries. Medium sized planting should be incorporated along the back boundary to screen out neighbours and privatise the backyard.

The Pavilion

The major new additional building area will be included in a new poolside rear pavilion including a large entertainment space for TV, gaming and small dining area and kitchenette.

  1. In the pavilion space there will also be a separate bedroom with built robe robe. This space would look over the pool area.
  2. A bathroom would be included with shower, basin and WC.
  3. The pavilion will have large doors and windows opening up this space to the pool area and the pavilion entertainment area will have an indoor/outdoor feeling.
  4. This building will be orientated to capture the north-east to maximise light and airflow.

Ground floor

The kitchen needs to be relocated so that all of the living/dining area can occupy the best position available on the ground floor,  as well as ensuring these spaces capture the best views available looking to the north.

  1. The dining space will be treated as an indoor/outdoor space with large doors opening up this space to the covered external terrace.
  2. The living area will also open up substantially. The TV will be located so still visible from the kitchen.
  3. The dining, living space will have a large awning over all the windows and doors and possible adjustable external venetians to protect internal areas from harsh eastern sun.
  4. The landscaping around these internal spaces will be substantially increased and external tiled surfaces will be introduced to any hardstand areas especially to the rear terrace.
  5. The new rear terrace will incorporate a built in BBQ.
  6. The kitchen would be located into a new extension sitting beside the existing playroom.
  7. The new kitchen, rear terrace and what was the existing playroom will end up having a new roofline.
  8. The kitchen will be located so large doors would open up this space to the terrace.
  9. In winter the client will be able to take full advantage of views into the garden via large glass panes in the windows and doors.
  10. The existing playroom will be converted to a multi purpose study and children’s workroom.
  11. The space currently occupied by the living room will become a temporary playroom and in the future this space will be come a utility/ storage area.

First Floor

No change for this level. The proposed new entertainment pavilion will

  1. substantially reduce pressure on the living space on this level.
  2. An additional bedroom could occupy this space in the future.
  3. If any bedrooms are seen to be to small push outs in the windows in each room could be incorporated to include study desks as children get older.

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