Carina Heights – Luxury New Home Design

Luxury New Home Design Carina Heights

This luxury new home design was built to serve both the current and future generations of the family by being flexible to meet their ever changing needs. The home also needed to stand the test of time in terms of functionality and timelessness of style, be environmentally responsible, and conform and enhance the current streetscape and the suburb. This new home needed to accommodate more than a traditional nuclear family with extended family members also to live in the home together with partners and children.

Located in a fairly typical suburban area where little street parking is available, an element of the design philosophy was put into place. In order to impact as little as possible on the external environment in a negative way, the home was designed to include basement level parking to accommodate up to 6 vehicles.

The luxury new home design also includes several sustainable features including an integrated control system to open and shut windows and monitor power resources, which helped it to win the 2016 CEDIA Best Integrated Home Worldwide Award. The home even includes a lift to use effortlessly as you move through each level. This luxury home design also won the ArCHdes 2016 Residential Architecture Award.

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