Auchenflower Home Renovation

    Auchenflower Home Renovation

    This Auchenflower home renovation project includes kitchen and new entertainment deck and sympathetically addresses the streetscape and character issues of this 1900 house.

    Design Concept

    A new roof structure has been designed and added to the existing verandah. This deck is orientated to the north and is exposed to the naturally-cooling breezes from the north-east. A skillion roof has been built over the new space, that parallels the existing roof in order for this structure to blend and not compete with the other forms in the roofline at the front of the home.

    A unique addition is the ironing board in the kitchen that slides out from the bench.

    The Clients requirements included

    1. Creating a new covered area to the southern side of the house in the new courtyard.
    2. Improve the layout of the kitchen and incorporate a small meals area.
    3. A new deck on the northern side of the house, as this would be a better location for an outdoor living space.

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    Auchenflower Architecture

    Auchenflower is 2.5 km west of Brisbane city and right on the Brisbane river. It is a great place to live if you love Queenslanders. Many old Queenslanders still line the streets of Auchenflower giving you a great opportunity for an eco-friendly renovation.

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    auchenflower home renovation sketch before and after

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