Bulimba Home Renovation | Correcting Poor Layout

    Bulimba Home Renovation | Background

    Our Bulimba home renovation clients had always wanted a home in Brisbane to enjoy both inside and outside, living alongside their five grown-up children and their partners ranging in age from 18 to 25.

    In 2009 their house had been renovated, but this work failed to take into account our climate. The resulting renovation had limited respect for the fabric of this grand old 1880’s pyramid-style Queenslander.

    Project scope

    Originally these clients engaged us to design a screen for the backyard to provide privacy from their neighbours. Following the completion of this work, they requested a design for a new ground floor living area with a bar.

    When we presented this plan, they then commissioned our firm to create a new concept to rectify all the poor design problems created by the 2009 renovation.

    Details of the Bulimba home renovation

    The previous renovation created a home that is dark and noisy and has no connection to the outside; therefore, we were engaged in remedying this situation. We developed a new ground floor layout with an outdoor lounge, a guest room and an entertainment room with a bar. The design also included the building of a new garage.

    When we design new homes or renovations, we take into account the aspect of the home, natural light, and prevailing breezes. The final design took all of this into account, met with the client’s need for a home that reflected their lifestyle and retained the grandeur of their 1880’s Queenslander.

    Queenslander renovations

    As architects, we design new homes and renovations of varying different styles. However, our firm has a significant amount of experience in Queenslander renovations, and Dion is known by many as the architect who has a specialisation in Queenslander renovations. Should you have a Queenslander that you would like to raise, extend or redesign, you may be interested in visiting our Queenslander gallery.

    Project Number: 140601

    bulimba home renovation before and after

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