Why use an Architect?

Why use an architect for your next project?

In Queensland both an architect and a ‘building designer’ can create a design for your residential building project.

What is the difference?

An architect must complete a university degree followed by two years of supervised practical experience. After this they then have to sit both a written and verbal Architectural Practice Examination. Only after completion of this can they call themselves an architect, and even then they must complete compulsory professional development to maintain their qualification. They are also subject to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Code of Conduct which includes obligations to the public, the client, profession and colleagues.

The value of this process is recognised and protected by legislation in Queensland. The Architects Act 2002 (Qld) makes it against the law to call yourself an architect unless you are registered by the Board of Architects.

‘Building designers’, who were once called ‘draftspersons’ have significantly less formal training, requiring only a TAFE qualification and two years practical experience.

What does this mean for you?

All those extra years of training give an architect the skills to look at the bigger picture and consider solutions that may deliver you a result far better than you ever imagined. A result that is perfectly tailored to your living needs, location and personal style rather than a ‘cookie cutter’ design that doesn’t work for your family’s needs.

How can an architect save you money?

  1. Architects work independently of builders. The benefit for you in this is:
    • They can call for competitive tenders which can save you a significant amount of money
    • If you don’t like the cost proposed by a builder using a ‘building designer’ you have to walk away from your designs which the builder owns copyright in
    • ‘Building designer’s may tailor their designs to maximise profit to the builder, not to maximise liveability to you
  2. Implementing smart, sustainable and efficient designs that can add up to big savings – both in the short and long term.
  3. You will be left with a more valuable asset. In a crowded real estate market your architect designed home will stand out from a crowd of project homes, providing you with a unique selling point.

At the end of the day, the most important outcome is a well-designed solution for you and your family’s needs, today and in the future. The value of having a design that is truly customised to the way you live. Some might say this is priceless.

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