Why use an Architect?

What is The Architect Advantage?

At dion seminara architecture our priority is to provide you with the most important outcome – a well-designed solution for you and your family’s needs, today and into the future. The value of having a design that is truly customised and unique to the way you live – some might say this is priceless.

What Are The Benefits of Using An Architect For Your Next Project?

When exploring your options from a building design perspective, you will no doubt encounter the terms “Architect” and “Building Designer.”

Are these two professionals interchangeable and do the terms refer to the same level of service and expertise? What is the Real Difference?

For Queensland residents, both an architect and building designer can provide you with a draft for your residential building project.

The difference comes down to training, expertise, experience and legislation.

  • An Architect is university educated through a three year Bachelor Degree, which encompasses areas of building design, construction systems and materials, code compliance and technical documentation, and environmental performance analysis – just to name a few!
  • The theory and practical instruction do not end there. We must then commit to an additional two years of supervised practical experience, followed by written and verbal Architectural Practice Examinations. Only at the successful completion of this rigorous and comprehensive training and practical experience can we then refer to ourselves as Architects.
  • Commitment to compulsory continuing professional development to maintain our qualifications, Architects must keep at the forefront of industry knowledge. We also adhere to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Code of Conduct which includes obligations to the public, the client, our profession and our colleagues.
  • For Queensland Architects, our professional standing is strengthened by The Architects Act 2002 – which makes it illegal to refer to yourself as an architect without being registered with the Board of Architects. This legislation protects you. You are assured that the professional you are dealing with has the compulsory skills, training and standards to ensure your project’s design is completed with a degree of professionalism.

Deciding which architect to use comes down to a decision based on integrity, creativity and relationship building.

On the flip side a “Building Designer” otherwise referred to as a draftsperson requires a TAFE qualification and two years practical experience.

How Can An Architect Benefit You?

Professionalism, quality and the intuitive knowledge you will receive through your dealings with dion seminara architecture are second to none. We love building design, we are passionate about visualising the bigger picture and are delighted to offer you solutions and results you may have never imagined possible.

Having an in-depth understanding of building processes, construction stages, and functional design, you benefit from a result that will be perfectly crafted and tailored to your needs, location and personal style. No “cookie cutter” one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t work for YOUR family’s needs.

Can An Architect Save You Money?


Architects work independently of builders. You benefit because:

  • Architects can call for competitive tenders which can save you a significant amount of money.
  • You own the copyright of your architectural design,
  • If you don’t like the cost proposed by a builder using a ‘building designer’ you have to walk away from your designs as the builder owns the copyright.
  • Architects maximise the functionality and aesthetics for you.
  • Building designers may tailor their designs to maximise profit to the builder, not to maximise liveability to you.
  • Architects implement smart, sustainable and efficient designs that can add up to significant savings – both in the short and long term.
  • An architecturally designed home is a more valuable asset. In the crowded real-estate market, your home will stand out from a crowd of project homes. A home designed by an award winning Architectural firm will be an additional marketing point for your real-estate agent to ensure you get top-dollar when you decide to sell.

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